Chris Kraus, Brian Ross and Lewis Waterworth before their swim in Donaghadee harbour.


On Tuesday 7th August a relay team of three swimmers swam from Donaghadee to Portpatrick. Skipper Quinton Nelson led the three swimmers, Brian Ross, Chris Kraus and Rick Gaenzle accross the 22 mile stretch in 10 hours and 18 minutes, braving the cold, strong tides and thousands of stinging jellyfish.

Brian Chris & Rick flew in fron New York on Monday checked into Pier 36 and after some lunch they dived straight into the harbour for a training swim with Lewis Waterworth of Pier 36. They enjoyed an early dinner and got some rest before rising at 5am to catch the tide for their epic journey. The swim started well but after a couple of hours Rick and then Brian swam into stinging jellyfish, Brian took on the worst of it, at some points having to swim through tightly packed swarms for over twenty minutes at a time.

As Scotland neared on the horizon the boys got swept several miles south on the strong tides. This was perhaps the greatest challenge, on tired arms they had to swim against the tide to hit their landing zone near Portpatrick. At some points, despite tremendous swimming effort they were only inching toward their goal however after just over 10 hours Rick hit land and their amazing journey was over. Quinton returned the guys to Donaghadee for a well earned steak dinner in Pier 36.

The team boast a swimming CV that includes the English Channel, Straights of Gibralter and numerous Alcatraz Island crossings however they all agread that Donaghadee to Portpatrick is by far the toughest challenge of their swimming career.


Margaret (Canoe) and Lewis Waterworth of Pier 36 lead out for Rick, Chris and Brian whilst warming up for their Irish sea crossing.








From left..... Quinton Nelson (Skipper), Rick Gaenzle, Chris Kraus, Brian Ross & Lewis Waterworth (Pier 36)